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Refunds are now available, you have two choices:

☞ Go to Juicebox


Claiming will deposit your unclaimed $PEOPLE token into your wallet.


Redeeming will burn your claimed/unclaimed $PEOPLE token in exchange for ETH at a 1 ETH : 1,000,000 $PEOPLE ratio. In other words, "exchange $PEOPLE for its original value (minus gas fees) at contribution"

ConstitutionDAO (2021-2021) was a beautiful experiment in a single-purpose DAO. We now believe this project has run its course.

The community has taken all actions that it was organized to accomplish: we raised capital, we bid at Sotheby’s, and upon losing, we made full refunds available to the community as promised.

Having lost the auction and following the core team's choice to wind down, we would like to remind you that the tokens possess no rights, governance, or utility other than redeeming them for ethereum from the smart contract held in Juicebox at a ratio of 1,000,000:1—the same ratio at which contributions were made to the initial crowdfund to buy the Constitution.

It is also an option to keep your $PEOPLE tokens and do with them as you please—it is clear that there are parts of the community who wish to incorporate them into future projects. ConstitutionDAO cannot and will not endorse any future plans for the token. Nothing in here is financial advice. Do your own research.